Mar 132012
Project's presentation - Welcome message

This education project aims at offering to Master students a unique opportunity to participate and work on sensor data in the framework of the HyMex campaign, an international measurement campaign dedicated to the understanding of the Hydrological cycle related to extreme weather events around the Mediterranean sea. Navigation within the Blog: Using the menu bar on the […]

Oct 142012
Radiosonde launch on TARA site

During IOP 12 several location have been chosen to launch radiosondes at the same time. Our students helped at launching radiosondes at the TARA site. Radiosondes are used to record profiles of the atmospheric state (temperature, pressure, humidity, wind) at high spatial resolution. The dedicated probe that we can see on the right picture is […]

Oct 102012
Visit of the Hymex research aircrafts

  On Tuesday 9th October, we have been visiting two research aircrafts, from the SAFIRE fleet, which are used in Hymex. Such aircrafts are very usefull to complement the observational network of ground based instruments as they can be directed over the area of interest depending on the weather evolution, increasing the amount of data […]

Oct 092012
Observing in extreme weather

We have not yet experienced extreme weather here in France, but the two places we visited this sunday are both closely related to extreme weather. First, we visited Mt. Aigoual (1567m), which is one of the locations in France with the most extreme winds. After this we went to the east, to visit the X-band […]

Oct 082012
Collaboration is the key

A very important aspect of atmospheric observations is the collaboration between different sensors. Various simultaneous measurements can be used either to validate the acquired data or to provide us with a more detailed understanding of atmospheric processes. We had the opportunity to experience this first hand on a night visit at the Candillargues measurement site.   […]