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This education project aims at offering to Master students a unique opportunity to participate and work on sensor data in the framework of the HyMex campaign, an international measurement campaign dedicated to the understanding of the Hydrological cycle related to extreme weather events around the Mediterranean sea.

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Project main goal: The northwest Mediterranean, and particularly South of France, is prone to heavy localized precipitation events (HPEs) which often lead to flash floods responsible of significant damages and casualties each year. Such events are mainly triggered by a complex multi-scale interaction of the synoptic meteorological situation with smaller meso-scales weather processes and favorable orographic conditions. Yet, this complex interaction is not really well understood, making HPEs difficult to accurately forecast.

HyMeX (HYdrological cycle in the Mediterranean EXperiment) aims at a better understanding and quantification of the hydrological cycle and related processes in the Mediterranean, with emphasis on high-impact weather events, inter-annual to decadal variability of the Mediterranean coupled system, and associated trends in the context of global change. Launched by the French scientific community, the definition of HyMeX has started with the drafting of a White Book released in 2007 identifying the main scientific challenges for HyMeX regarding the Mediterranean water cycle, and making suggestions on how to address them. One of the main HyMEx challenge is to combine dense observation networks (ground-based, aircraft satellites) with ‘criss-crossed’ meso-scale forecast models during several months of special observation period (SOP) in order to better understand the different processes interacting for the formation and development of HPEs.

More information over HyMEx:
If you are interested to know more about the HyMex campaign, visit the following HyMex website

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