Oct 102012


On Tuesday 9th October, we have been visiting two research aircrafts, from the SAFIRE fleet, which are used in Hymex. Such aircrafts are very usefull to complement the observational network of ground based instruments as they can be directed over the area of interest depending on the weather evolution, increasing the amount of data acquired during an event. These two aircrafts are located at Montpellier airport during the whole campaign: the ATR 42 and the Falcon 20:

ATR42 (Safire)

Falcon 20 (Safire)







Instrumentation on board the aircraft have been tuned for different observation purposes:

lidar onboard the ATR42 aircraft


  • The ATR42 is used to observe the key factors for initiation of convection: the humidity and temperature fields, as well asĀ  the very small particles present in the air (chemistry and microphysical properties of aerosol particle). In-situ probes and lidar system are mounted onboard this aircraft.



Multi beam 95 GHz radar RASTA


  • On the other hand, the falcon 20 is used to document the processes occuring within the convective event. It is also equipped with in-situ probes and a mutli-beam radar capable of measuring hydrometeors size and concentration present in the cloud system.



We would like to thanks again the Safire team to let us visit the aircraft at the airport!

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